Why Women Have Less Risk to Die From Cancer Than Man?

cancer-cellsThe risk among men to die from cancer is far greater than deaths among women, a new study revealed. The research was published by ‘Cancer Research UK’ recently.

The study disclosed that in United Kingdom (UK) each year 1,79,000 men are affected by cancer while the numbers among women is 1,73,000.

Though the figures are close, the risk is quite different among men and women because men are 36%% more likely to die in comparison with women.

There is no physical or biological reason which can explain why men are more nearer to death in comparison with women while the tumor of cancer is the same. Some believe that men usually don’t take the early cancer symptoms seriously and ignore them until it is too late for treatment as the tumor had already spread to other parts of the body.

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While among women it was observed that they were health conscious. So when they observed any irregular symptom they discussed it with their doctors resulting in early diagnose and early treatment.

Even if women are not health conscious they are having more frequent visits to doctors during Signs of pregnancy and later due to child’s health, during which they share their health problems with doctors hence the chances of early diagnose are increased.

After this research health institutions and organizations are asking the government to start awareness campaigns so that early diagnosis among men becomes possible.

They are saying that if early diagnose can save thousands of women lives then why can’t we save the lives of men?

The study was based on observation of 2,300 cancer patients and among them 44% men delayed their diagnoses because they ignored the symptoms. Previous studies from other countries also concluded the same but they failed to identify the reasons.

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