When to Take a Pregnancy Test Calculator & How it is Done?

Pregnancy test calculators are used for detecting whether you are pregnant or not. The first alarm for a ‘to be’ pregnant woman is ‘a missed period’. For normal and healthy women menstrual period go in cycles that may vary from 28 days to 35 days depending on your genetics, physical health and medical conditions. You know the regular frequency of you cycle better. So a missed period pops a question in a woman’s mind ‘am I pregnant?’

When to take a Pregnancy Test?

Carrying out a pregnancy test depends on the estimated time when you had your last period. A woman can take this test just when she gets aware of a missed period. Generally this is around 2 weeks after you conceive a baby. However, there are more developed and specialized tests that can predict the conception even before you miss a menses, which is around 8 days after conception.

Medical science says that hormonal changes related to conception start from about the sixth day. The hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropic (hCG) rises rapidly such that it doubles every two to three weeks.

When to Take Test for Most Accurate Results?

As we have mentioned it depends on the missed period. The best time for getting most accurate result is at least a week after you miss a period. This is the time when hormones are at the sufficient levels for better detection.

What is a pregnancy test?

The test is meant for estimating the presence and level of a pregnancy related hormone ‘Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in your blood or urine. Body produces this hormone just as the sperm fertilizes the egg and this fertilized egg gets embedded in the uterus of a lady. After this the hormone levels rise rapidly in weeks ahead.

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What is the difference between Urine Test and Blood Test?

Urine and blood are the two main fluids which are used for detecting the levels of hormone in woman’s body.

Urine Test:

Urine test kits can easily be bought from the pharmacy. They come with easy instructions that provide better guidance. You need to follow these instructions accurately for yielding better results. Once the test is done you can visit your doctor for further confirmation of pregnancy. This test predicts an accurate result if you follow the guidelines correctly.


Urine is a simpler and quicker mechanism which can be utilized at home or at a doctor’s clinic rapidly. Advantage of this test is that it is convenient, easy to use, maintains privacy and takes lesser time.


It can’t predict results as early as blood test does.

Blood Test:

The blood test estimates the hormone level in blood.


Advantage of this test is that it can detect the pregnancy much earlier than a home pregnancy test/urine pregnancy test. Average time of this detection is six to eight days after ovulation (when a mature egg is shed from ovary for fertilization).


Disadvantage associated with this test is that it takes a longer time to get the result. Because it is a laboratory based test, it is not possible at home and you need to see your doctor. Moreover, it requires you to wait till the laboratory brings forth the result.

How Accurate is the Pregnancy Test?

Urine home pregnancy test is almost 99% accurate without exaggeration. But this requires you to keep a good care of protocols and guidelines. For accurate result:

  1. Test should be performed after waiting at least 1 week after a missed period.
  2. Though you can perform test during any part of the day. But the best time for detection is the first morning urine. Reason for this is that first morning urine is most concentrated as it is voided after a long interval and sleep.
  3. Follow the instruction keenly.
  4. Better results depend on the timing of ovulation and the time when the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of uterus, a process known as ‘implantation’.
  5. The timing of pregnancy test.
  6. The sensitivity of the test.

What is the average cost of Home Pregnancy Test?

The average cost of Home Pregnancy Test is from $8 to $20. It is available easily in markets. However, the cost depends on the brand and your locality also.

What are the methods for testing Urine?

Generally three methods are recommended for checking urine. They work in a similar way. Follow the instructions properly for accurate results:

  1. You can hold the test stick in your urine stream during micturition.
  2. Second way is to use a cup. Collect the urine in a cup and then dip the test stick in to it.
  3. Third way is to collect urine in a cup, then use a dropper for transferring the urine in another container. Then use the test stick.

How to Check?

For checking the urine you will have to wait for few minutes. Results don’t appear rapidly. It depends on the device you are using. Result may appear as a line, a color, symbol such as + or – sign. If you are using a digital machine, words may appear as ‘’pregnant’’ or ‘’non-pregnant’’.

The Positive and Negative Results:

  • Detecting a positive result is simple as mentioned above.
  • Negative result may be sometimes ‘false negative’. If you get a negative result you can visit your doctor or repeat the test few days after.

When Can I Have False Negative Result?

You can have false negative results when you are taking:

  • Anti-convulsant drugs (e.g. for epilepsy).
  • If you are passing blood and protein in the urine.

Reasons for False Negative Results:

  • Test has passed the expiry date.
  • Your method of performing test was wrong.
  • Date for test was wrong.
  • You urine is too diluted because you have drunk a lot of water before taking test.
  • You are taking drugs that can cause false negative results.

What Next?

Once you are confirmed for pregnancy. You can visit your GP or a midwife for starting your ante-natal care.


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