Terms & Conditions

The ‘terms and conditions’ aren’t meant to discredit any individual and they aren’t a personal offence. This page is meant to clarify the liabilities and responsibilities of our team. It also rules out what is not the scope of this website.

This website is for providing valuable medical information to female health and reproductive problems. It doesn’t alternate a medical opinion and is simple academic information. For treatment and better prognosis you must visit your doctor. This website isn’t meant to provide you online medical advises of doctors and we don’t provide prescription.

The information provided is satisfactory however can be subjected to changes without notifying you. Many advises are written based general perceptions, norms and societal techniques. Though they don’t harm you but aren’t based on medical researches and may/may not bring results for you. In such cases when you don’t find results the website isn’t responsible because it is not a clinic. Traditional treatments are widespread as they are easier to access, available at home and don’t cost much. However, if some individual resorts to use them wrongly the website isn’t liable.

As for the validity, completeness, conformity with recent guidelines, variability, up-gradation and suitability we don’t own gaps in them. Quality is our priority but we don’t owe your individual decisions which you may take after reading one of our articles. Clients visit this website at their own will and if they ought to practice the information here they are doing this at their own will also. Company isn’t responsible for your mismanagement.

As for the legal issues we restrict ourselves to providing information only which is an academic task and not a clinical practice. If visitors want to share any of the information provided here they are also doing it at their own will and should outweigh the benefit and risk as we aren’t responsible for their mistreats or mistakes.

It is the responsibility of a visitor to seek better information for her. Suitability and choosing the right options depend on you. If anyone uses or jumps to the wrong information the website doesn’t in-debt your actions. We have designed the website in a structured and simple manner for better access such that a visitor may get easier access to the data he wants.

We aren’t responsible for the negative behaviors of individuals. We produce articles for your well-being but aren’t responsible for misuse of any type. Nobody is allowed to misuse the information presented in this website for any reason other than information. If anybody is found breaching the legality destined action he will be taken and he will be dealt in accordance with law.

We as a team request your co-operation and abidance by the terms, conditions and legal framework. If any visitor fails to do so he will be subjected to the due procedures of law and courts. We are thankful for your co-operation and your valuable visit to this website. We appreciate your presence.

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