Skip, Delay or Postpone Your Period Naturally By Home Remedies

leafs basketModern world has explored many new techniques for controlling periods. However, natural and home methods are always safer and easier to use. Delaying periods naturally is an interesting and a commonly asked question. Though natural ways aren’t that effective as medical but there are many ways for stopping and slowing down the periods. We have provided you in detail the information you need. Ladies choose for stopping and delaying periods because of various reasons like vigorous work load, party, marriage ceremony or agitation.

Whatever, the reason might be there natural ways are available for slowing down and making your health better overall. Ladies frequently ask such questions as, How to stop your period for a week? What are the home remedies to delay your period? Is there a way to delay your period?

How to delay period naturally

There are plenty of ways for slowing down periods naturally. However, they are mostly dependant on personal assessment and not medical researches. This article is based on information and doesn’t equate medical advice in any way.

Avoid Taking Too Much Spices

It is generally recommended to decrease the usage of spicy food. It is believed that it affects the blood flow and initiation of menstrual cycle. Examples of spicy foods include garlic, chilies, black pepper and garlic.

Causes for Abnormally Light Periods than Usual Ones

Using Herbs for Controlling Menses:

Herbs are a conservative and widely used technique for controlling periods. These include shepherd’s purse and yarrow tinctures. Technique is to first grind them and convert them in to powder. Then make fluid using it and consume it for delaying of periods. Shepherd purse is also used for controlling excessive bleeding and flow. It is also believed that yarrow can produce good effects in patients suffering from pules. In traditional treatments it was also used for controlling fever and cold.

Do Regular Exercise:

Exercise is a very good technique for maintain a healthy lifestyle. This sets your hormonal levels to a healthy one and aid in general wellbeing of body. Exercise also reduces stress and thus makes the menstrual cycle healthier and avoids excessive loss.

Gram Lentis:

Diet plan affects your habits and health. Specific diet can also put an effect on menses either increasing or decreasing it. Technique for this is growing Gram Lentis and using it in making soup. This should be used till the day you want your periods to remain stopped and it should be taken on daily basis.

Using Gelatin:

Gelatin has also proved to decrease the menstrual bleeding. You can buy it easily from the grocery shop. Pour it in the bowl with warm water and have it. Personal experience shared by ladies provides better results after using this.

Use Food With Low Temperatures:

This method is also based on personal experience. Avoiding spicy and too hot foods may contribute in controlling your periods.

Using Lemon

Using Lemon for controlling periods is an old and traditional technique believed to happen on personal experiences. You can use lemon juice or other forms of lemon.

Using Raspberry Leaves:

These are the herbs which aren’t only good for periods but are also refreshing. They might help in postponing the periods.

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