Signs & Symptoms of Being Pregnant

pregnancy date calculatorPregnancy is one of the necessary and an important milestone of women’s life. Most of the women have to come across this feeling. A sexually active couple trying to conceive is naturally enthusiastic in maintaining a family, so sex remains not a notion of enjoyment alone but a process of making a new family. Pregnancy is a new and extra-ordinary event for a women getting pregnant first time. Pregnancy manifests itself however there are pregnancy tests to confirm it.

Women inquire about signs of being pregnant and symptoms of being pregnant. Normally cessation of the monthly cycle is an important and loud indicator of a woman getting pregnant. However, there are other reasons also that should prompt a woman about checking if she’s pregnant.

The earliest symptom that might show up in women is nausea and tender breast, there can be mood swings and varying amount of dizziness. These symptoms are classic in first week after conception.

A woman can develop following signs and symptoms that may indicate pregnancy:

1. Tender and swollen breast:

Breast primarily serve the function of production of milk. Pregnancy results in changes in hormones of body. Natural phenomenon causes this change and result in development of breast cells e.g. lacterferous tubules. These changes are meant for making the breast capable of producing enough milk when the baby is born.

However, ealry in pregnancy breast will not change its shape and size because they are just preparing to do so. Earlier they will present with soreness or tingling in breast as a more pronouncing symptom. Ithers may include tenderness.

2. Darkening Areola:

As we have mentioned in the previous point that as pregnancy begins woman’s body physiologically develops itself to make it meet the needs of baby. So, changes appear for breastfeeding. In which, a woman’s areola (area around nipples) might get darker.

3. Periods Behaviour:

As the pregnancy begins periods stop. But sometimes women might observe spotting i.e. few blood spots instead of normal menstruation. This indication appears for the possible implantation of embryo in the uterus. A woman must do pregnancy test for confirming her suspicion of pregnancy.

4. Increased Urination:

Due to pressure and increased muscle tone of the uterus it might opush over the bladder causing urination problems which may be increased frequency of urination. The more the uterus grows in size, these problems increase.

5. Constipation:

Due to the similar behaviour of uterus and other hormonal changes in pregnancy and effects on intestinal behaviours, constipation might occur.

6. Fatigue and Lethargy:

During pregnancy a woman’s nody has to cope up with increasing needs and requirements. Changes occur in body ranging from blood volume to mood. Due to this a woman might feel lethargic and fatigued. That’s why it is stressed that a woman should take a good care of her diet during pregnancy.

7. Nausea:

Nausea is the most common effect of pregnancy. It is most common in first trimester i.e. first three months of pregnancy. This feeling of vomitting specially aggravates during morning and is ofter known as ‘morning sickness’. Nausea occurs due to hormonal changes and specially the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Beta-hCG) hormone.

8. Decreased Sensitivity:

Women also observe decreased sensivity as one of the earliest manifestations of pregnancy. A women might develop decreased sense of smell. But there’s nothing to worry about as all these changes will turn back to normal.

9. Increased Basal Temperature:

Basal Temperature is the normal body temperature at which all the physiological mechanisms of body work adequately and metabolism is sufficient for sustaining a life. An increase of one degree that lasts for more then 2 weeks is an indicator.

10. Headches:

It is noted that frequency of migrance headaches surge during pregnancy. However, headache is a fairly common manifestation and is not a characteristic symptom of pregnancy like nausea or spotting.

11. Metallic taste in mouth:

Few women have complained of developing mettalic taste in mouth but there aren’t any substantial evidences to prove it.

12. Mood Swings:

Due to so many physiological changes and hormonal changes mood swings occur during pregnancy. 

13. Unusual Hunger:

A pregnant women needs about 300 extra calories a day. Though it is not necessary to eat exactly double the food but increased requirement may can unusual hunger.

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