Pregnancy Weight Calculators’ Efficiency & Weight Gain Dynamics

Conceiving a baby is a new experience that is a really a testing part of a woman’s life. Among the issues that concern women a lot is weight gain during pregnancy. We like to share the fact that normally the body weight increases in pregnancy and there is nothing to worry about. But this weight gain during pregnancy should be monitored for making sure it is with in the normal range. Therefore, checking your weight regularly and on follow-ups is an important pillar in keeping an eye on your weight gain.

It has been observed that the weight a pregnant women gains during her conception depends on her pre-pregnancy weight. It means if the lady is obese before pregnancy obviously she will add up to that prior weight and get a much increased total body weight during pregnancy. So, here are few advices:

  • Before you plan to be pregnant, bring your weight down to a healthy level. For this you need a diet plan with input and output balance, exercise and improved quality of living. However, the nutrients should not be compromised which can lead to different problems if deficiency of any nutrient occurs.
  • If you possess a healthy weight within normal limit before pregnancy, you will have better chances of comfortable pregnancy and delivery later on.
  • Important to note that a slower or no increase in weight during pregnancy is also suspicious and a sign. It may mean that baby is not growing properly with time.
  • Gaining too much weight is also hazardous because it will cause a longer labour and a difficult delivery.
  • Increased weight during pregnancy makes it difficult for the weight to reduce during pregnancy.
  • As you know once you have increased weight during pregnancy it is difficult to lose it during pregnancy. However, overweight ladies should choose a healthy diet routine with an exercise plan for controlling the amount of weight they gain.

The problem behind Weight Gain

Weight gain in pregnancy is due to normal body mechanisms. However the weight gain generally revolves around the phenomenon of calories input and calories output. If you are a food loving person combined with sedentary life style you are more prone to weight gain. The extra calories in your body get deposited as fats in different body tissues like belly, flank, etc. This mandates regular exercise and healthy but adequate not extravagant diet.


What is the benefit of using Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculators?

Pregnancy weight gain calculators help you to keep a track of your weight during pregnancy. It will show you your weight range and target which is suitable for you. The calculators help you to ascertain the weight range which is good for you and will show you if you are on a healthy track for weight. These calculators are efficacious and give you a better and accurate result. The calculator analyses your progress of weight gain and gives you a method for keeping a record of weight. Through this you will get a birds eye view of your weight during pregnancy.

How to Analyse the Weight Gained?

For analysing the weight you have gained, you will have to follow these 2 steps:

1. You will have to start with calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI). This technique evaluates a ratio between your weight and height. This method provides a reliable and trustworthy indication of body fatness for most of people. This method is also used to predict obesity and imbalances of body weight that may lead to diseases.

Recommended Pre-Pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI):

These recommendations are provided in accordance with the Re-examining the Guidelines, The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (May 28, 2009). BMI Range is given in kg/m2

* If your BMI is <18.5 then you are underweight. Your total weight gain range can vary from 28-40lbs.

* Normal weight BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9 with a total weight gain range from 25 to 35 lbs.

* BMI of 25.0 to 29.9 corresponds to overweight with total weight gain range from 15 to 25 lbs.

* Greater then and equal to 30.0 BMI is that of a obese women with total weight gain range from 11 to 20 lbs.

2. The second step is about tracing your body weight over a graph or a weight gain table. For making the process easy and accessible you can past the table on area where your pass regularly like refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, table, your cupboard, etc. Download the weight gain table that suits your BMI from the links shared. Recommended weight gain values are listed above with respect to BMI.


As we have mentioned earlier that weight gain during pregnancy is normal. Generally women gain 2 to 5 pounds of weight during first twelve weeks of pregnancy. After this it’s ideal not to gain more then one pound a week. Healthy diet and lifestyle like exercise, sleep habits, etc aren’t only good for the mother but the baby also as they improve the overall outcome of your pregnancy. For better results and easiness you can seek advice of an expert on this issue.

Which Areas Are Involved in Weight Gain and How?

Weight gain during pregnancy isn’t dependant solely on baby but it also involves the evolving bodily features of mother. In essence nature prepares the mother’s body according to needs of baby, to nourish and development of a healthy baby. Weight gain in pregnancy according to body parts is as follows:

  • Breast gains weight of around 1 to 2 pounds.
  • Baby weight amounts to 6 to 8 pounds increase in pregnancy weight.
  • Placental weight amounts to 1 to 2 pounds increase.
  • Uterus weighs 1 to 2 pounds.
  • Weight of amniotic fluid is around 2 to 3 pounds.
Therefore, the total weight gain is around 25 to 35 pounds.

It is essential to visit your health care provider regularly and value his advices. If you are worrying about an extra increase in weight or any abnormality you must rush to your doctor before it gets late. It is well know that healthy mind needs a healthy body. So maintaining a good weight is not only good for your physical well-being but mental health also.

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