Pregnancy Tips to Start Process of Conception

pregnancy tipsCouples time and again inquire the tips for getting pregnant. A married pair desires to conceive so to begin a family life and rear children. We will share good advises with you in this regard. Conception depends on both factors: on the side of father and on the side of mother. Sperm count is the determining factor in males and female fertility issues also range in wider topics. For greater chances of conception timing is also important and to know that what are the most fertile days of woman’s menstrual cycle?

1. Regular Un-protected Sex:

Researches have proved that regular, frequent and un-protected sex has a very high success rate for conception. Most people i.e. around 85% will get pregnant with in one year of unprotected sex and remaining in the days ahead of 1 year. However, very few fail to conceive due to medical or psychological reasons.

Therefore, couples should have regular unprotected sex. Few guidelines say that unprotected sex should occur twice to thrice a week every month which is around 12 to 16 times a month. This will help getting pregnant easily.

2. Knowing the Fertile Period of Woman’s Cycle:

Not all the days of woman’s menstrual cycle are fertile. If you are try to conceive you need a good top. Know your menstrual cycles. Few are least fertile, while some moderately fertile and other days in which ovulation occur are strongly fertile.

For this a woman should know her menstrual cycle, that is she should be aware of the normal length of her monthly cycles, day of her menses and vaginal habits.

There’s a detailed guideline here on woman’s menstrual cycle with respect to most fertile periods. Ovulation can be indicated by different signs like few degrees rise in body temperature, thin and sticky cervical mucus and may or may not be pain. These are the best days for getting pregnant.

If you aren’t sure about this try an ovulation kit.

3. Release The Stress:

Stress has a negative impact overall on your body. It effects on all the systems. A happy human being is a healthy one. Stress can derail your sleep cycle, eating habits, bowel movements, digestion and standard of living. Stress can decay you internal systems. It can affect the quality of your fertility.
A couple who wants to expect a baby should be quite vigilant in keeping a good and healthy lifestyle. They should keep a good diet with exercise and should remove away things causing burden in their life.

4. Manage Your Weight:

Obesity is a big problem. It is a mother of mother diseases like diabetes. An increased BMI can pose you to cardiac risks; it can derange your hormones. Fertility is linked with obesity and researches have proved it. Excess weight causes changes in hormone levels which are linked with fertility.

This condition in known as Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome in which obese women become infertile. However, this situation is reversible and returning to normal body weight will restore the fertility.

5. Cut Alcohol and Smoking:

Cut alcohol and smoking for a healthy lifestyle. In man smoking can cause poor quality of sperms whereas studies (like NICE guidance) have shown that smoking can also cause problems for a woman trying to conceive.

6. Sex Position:

Experts say that missionary position is best for conceiving as sperm will reach the uterus easily which is an important phenomenon that sperm should reach the egg and fertilize it.

7. Sperm Quality and Quantity:

Avoid factors and health hazards that decrease the quantity and quality of sperms. Keep you scrotum at an optimum temperature. Sperm need an optimum temperature, if temperature is too high and too cold it is not good for the sperm to develop.

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