Natural Ways to Make Your Period Shorter & Lighter

 herbs Periods are one of the most important part of woman’s health, sexual and social life. Having a healthy menstrual cycle counts a lot for a progressing and normal living style. Among the worries of periods is a worry for social consequences of periods and its effects on daily routine. For the very reason few women are reluctant in having long and even regular periods who are not very keen of maintaining sexual life. Though this may vary from person to person but shortening or lessening the length of periods is a want that every woman has desired in some part of life.

Menstrual cycle of a woman begins when she reaches puberty which is generally around 12 to 15 years (with minor variations). After this monthly cycle of flow continues till she reaches menopause which is cessation of periods. Menopause is between 40 to 50 years. The length of cycle may vary from 28 days to 35 days. And the menstrual flow may vary from 3 to 7 days. This is all natural. However, some events and circumstances may prompt a woman to shorten her periods even further and seeks solutions for menstrual cycle shortening techniques.

Ways for Menstrual Cycle Shortening:

Over the years various conservative and traditional methods prospered for shortnening of periods. In recent decades medical science has advanced and has brought forth better and effective ways for controlling periods. Among them few are enlisted concisely here:

  • One of the most effective, widely practiced, safe method for cessation of periods is medical i.e. using birth control pills also known as Oral Contraceptive Pills.
  • Exercise has proved to yield better results because of better cardio-vascular outcomes and maintaining normal Body Mass Index (BMI). Having low extra fat is good for your sexual outcome.
  • Herbs have been widely and traditionally used for this purpose. There are few herbs that have special effect of hormone replacement. The hormonal balance helps to shorten the length of periods.
  • Being sexually active.
  • Good hydration.
  • Stopping period cramps and pain. You can take a look at a separate article on this (Title: )

Using Birth Control Pills For Shortening Periods:

This is an effective and usable technique. The main purpose of these drugs is to provide a period of infertility so to give a chance of fertility free sexual intercourse. The main mechanism these drugs follow is to stop the ovulation to occur. No ovulation means no hormone (progesterone) for development of uterus for possible pregnancy. So stopping ovulation renders women period less.

Using Herbs for Slowing Periods:

As we have mentioned that having periods is dependent of development of specific layers (on endometrium) in the womb of a women. This in result is dependent on different hormones primary one of which is progesterone. Herbs alter the hormonal levels. It is also a conservative experience that lemon has effects on period.

Does Sexual Stimulation and Masturbation Slow Down Periods?

Yes, it helps the blood and debris to drain out once effectively leaving later periods scanty. Sexual stimulation (e.g. intercourse or masturbation) helps the reproductive organs to contract and push out the debris earlier.

Hydration and Exercise for Slowing Down Periods:

Hydration and exercise aren’t interlinked but have their own results on periods by effectively influencing your well-being. A good Body Mass Index (BMI) with good lipid control and fats helps to balance the hormonal levels in body and result in healthy periods. Hydrating yourself with 8 to 10 glasses of water on regular basis helps to maintain the fluid volume in your body.

However, these methods are more for maintaining a healthy life-style. They can contribute in maintaining good cycle but not in cessation of periods to the utmost.

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