How to Make Your Period End Sooner & Earlier?

period stop earlierPeople carry different opinions but generally periods are the toughest days of a women’s life in which she has to take care of her cleanliness and looks. Due to the limitations it imposes on women, many try to avoid it specially in particular circumstances like when on a holiday, having a heavy work load at home or from office, preparing something burdensome, taking part in a race or doing any other heavy activity.

There are many ways for making your periods end sooner, faster and earlier. Menstrual cycle is normally of 28 to 35 days among which bleeding days are 3 to 7. However, there can be slight variations and it’s never a two plus two relationship.

Ways to make your period end sooner

There are different ways for ending period sooner. These are:

Taking Birth Control Pills:

These drugs are also known as Oral Contraceptive Pills. They are a combination of oestrogen and progesterone. These pills alter the hormonal level required for better production and thickening of endometrial lining. Actually they stop the ovulation (shedding of egg from ovaries) which is responsible for production of hormone.

These pills are taken monthly, with a sequence of taking 21 pills containing hormones and then 7 days of placebo pills so to maintain a rhythm and continuity.

These drugs are available in different forms including injectable, sub-dermally patches, intravenous methods and intra-uterine systems. Pills also come in different regimens.

Hormone Supplements:

As we have mentioned in various articles that menstrual cycle mainly depends on hormone so hormone supplements might also alter the hormonal levels and cause a drop in periods.


Diet is not a very effective method for stopping periods but it is better for a healthy living and healthy body. A good diet means a healthy individual with sound systems that can carry the life habits in effective ways. For a healthy lifestyle it is recommended that women should exercise daily. At least 30 minutes of exercise or brisk walking is recommended which generally imparts very positive results on your body.

A balanced diet should contain all the nutrients. It should include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, fibre, etc. Garlic, ginger, peppers, sesame or papaya are believed to shorten the length of periods. Likewise, it is believed that drinking tea of raspberry leaf, ginger tea, yarrow tea or parsley tea can also end the period quickly.  It is also an advice that a woman should maintain good hydration for effective periods.


Acupuncturists are famous for pin pricking, stimulating and relaxing the body. They use a technique of inserting herbs through acupunctures which can control the periods effectively.

There are many ways tries and believed upon for ending the periods sooner or earlier. Many are effective in controlling them and others are meant for providing a better and healthy lifestyle.

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