How to Get a Girl Pregnant; Trying for a Baby?

girl playingSome girls fail to get pregnant while trying to do so. Many women inquire the effective way for getting pregnant and about the role of fertility in chances of getting conceived. Contrary to common misconception that failure to conceive manifests a fertility problem in women alone, man may also be the reason. For a possible conception both genders should be equally fertile. Possibilities of a girl getting pregnant varies between different days of cycle.

Man can also be responsible for a girl not getting pregnant if his sperm count is not sufficient. However, other factors can be ignorance, not using the appropriate style, timing and method of sexual intercourse and lack of adequte discussion between couples. Understanding following factors will help you:

1. Age:

Age is an important determining factor for pregnancy to occur. Women are less fertile at the extremes of age. Like at the earlier ages e.g. below 19, reproductive cycles aren’t mature and mature egg doesn’t hetch in monthly cycle.

Similarly, after 35 years of age women’s reproductive ability decreases and ends gradually around 45 to 55 years of age. Men although are sexually fertile for whole of their life but sperm count decreases after 50.

2. Increasing Sperm Account:

A man should avoid factors that decrease the sperm count. These may include smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, lack of excercise and healthy diet. Another factor is temperature of groin. Spems normally produce at a defined temperature, muscles in scrotum adjust to the temperature by contracting and relaxing moving testes up and down. Failure of maintaining desired temperature is a reason for decreased sperm count.

Reduce stress in your life. Hangout and live a pleasant life with your partner. Avoid usless strains of everyday life.

[alert-success]Live healthy and eat healthy.[/alert-success]

3. Know the Fertile Period of Woman:

Reproductice cycle of women is complex and not as simple as man. It involves miscalleneous hormones and factors. A woman bleeds monthly, there is a monthly cycle which has some highly fertile days, lesser and least days.

You should discuss the cycle with your partner. Normally the most fertile period is 14 days after the first day of woman’s last period (if length of cycle is normal) and may be as high as 20 days (depending on normal duration of your partners cycle). The reason for this is that ovulation occurs at this moment i.e. a mature egg hatches out.

Another way is to buy an ovulation indication kit. Know more about this here.

4. Increase Sexual Intercourse on Specific Moment:

We have told the fertile period of a woman’s sexual cycle. Therefore, increase the frequency of intercourse ao week after the women had her menses started. Sperm can stay alive in a woman’s body for 6 days. More unprotected sexual activity means more chances of conception.

5. Be Vigilant About Drugs and Methods of Infertility:

It is possible that your partner is still using contraceptive pills, or you are maintaining the effect of spermicidal jelly which you use oftern, or the woman had permanent sterilization done.

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