How Not to Get Pregnant? Avoid Pregnancy  

safeWomen of child bearing age frequently ask the question like how not to get pregnant and reasons for not getting pregnant. Getting pregnancy is after all a personal choice of woman and her partner. Primarily there are four broader categories for absistence from pregnancy. There are various methods ranging from contraceptive pills and there are physiological with respect to sex timings also.

1) Absistence, mutual discussion and No Vaginal Sex:

This is one of the mechanism highly dependent on maturity of the couple and how well do they understand each other. The underlying idea of absistence is avoiding vaginal intercourse so to stop the occurrence of pregnancy. However, a couple may engage in other type of sexual activities depending on their choice, personal, moral, religious and social preferences.

2) Using Barrier Methods:

Barrier methods are effective with fewer side effects but failure rate is present. These include:

  • Male and female condoms: Are cheap, handy, available easily and have lesser side effects but failure rate is also high.
  • Spermicide Jelly is another method where the spermicidal jelly is applied to the condom, blocking the entry at uterus. This jelly kills the sperms and thus reduce chances of conception.
  • Contraceptive sponge works like spermicidal jelly but has to be applied for 24 hours and must be kept in place 6 hours after sex. Plus when taking out the sponge a woman must make sure that the sponge comes out in one piece.
  • Get a doctor’s advice for fitting a diaphragm.

3) Birth Control Pills:

This is the most effective mechanism in controlling pregnancy. It has a high success rate but side effects are there. However they are not necessarily present and pills should be taken with doctors advice and monitoring. A full detail is available here.

4) Permanent Sterilization:

This is a method suitable for older women. Must consult your doctor. This includes removal of reproductive organs surgically.

5) Temporary Sterilization:

Suitable for child bearing women. It involves insertion of an intra-uterine device (a device inside uterus) that blocks pregnancy.

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