How does Lemon or Lemonade Juice Stops Your Period?

lemonade teaStopping period appears important for women in particular situations. For example a woman may want stopping or delay of period when she is planning a vacation, has to go through some hectic office work and has busy days ahead. There are many ways for controlling your periods,  you can also use ibuprofen.

There are many effective ways for stopping periods some of which also cause infertility and some don’t. We have elaborated different techniques in multiple articles mentioned above. However, few women tend to avoid medicines for controlling the periods. So there are other methods also that are less effective but natural.

In this article we will explore through the technique of using lemon or lemonade juice for stopping period.

Does Drinking Lemonade and Lemon Juice Stop Your Period?

There are many traditional methods that are running in society for decades and even centuries. Such popular ways aren’t necessarily researched. These methods are natural and may provide mild changes in period without causing an effect similar to medical pills.

Popular Belief about Using Lemon for Stopping Periods:

Prevalent conservative believes in society about using lemon and lemon juice. These believe are mostly based on personal experiences that it isn’t necessary that all women will experience this. Experiences are as follows:

  • Lemon can stop the periods from beginning.
  • Lemon juice can cut the period shorter.
  • There are no known side effects about using lemon for controlling menses but it may cause abdominal cramps.
  • However, not all women experience abdominal cramps and the experience varies from women to women.
  • Taking lemon for controlling periods may increase abdominal cramping during the next period.
  • It can cause allergies and intolerances in few women who will be affected by taking lemon and lemon juices.

Despite all these experiences nobody can be pretty sure about its effects and all these are speculations. Few studies say that acidic content of lemon juices can detoxify your body and can lead to shedding of the uterine lining quicker. This will cause most of the blood to come out over a couple of days. However, there aren’t sufficient studies to prove how the lemon help stopping or delaying the period does.

Other Ways:

There are many other ways also for stopping the period, including:

  • Breastfeeding- It may delay the period due to production of hormone (prolactin) which will inhibit the female sex hormones.
  • Exercise- It improves blood flow to the tissues and may help you cycles to become more balanced and in some cases reduce the abnormal flow.
  • Medical methods like taking contraceptive pills, methods and others which will cause an effective cessation of periods. This method is best (which obviously comes with side effects) for controlling periods.

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