How Can You Stop Your Period? Ways & Procedure

doctor precipitationNormally females are accustomed to the natural cycle of menstruation. However many such reasons aren’t always convincing because period comes with its apprehensions also. If you are a social person, love to hang out with friends, an outward and active community person than you might face some difficulty with having periods. Obviously having periods is like a clock regularly ticking over your head and you can’t just go away with it by convincing you with this or that because the period is there hurting you.

There are social consequences also especially if you are wearing light color clothes your periods might show up a little. It carries a burden of carrying tampons and blood for some good reason or some bad. Having a period might hinder physical activities that require regular movement. So, women do make choice if they have bigger priorities to accomplish. Another problem that women face while they want to stop their periods is stress and heavy work.

Those women who are on jobs and simultaneously home builders they face them at odds. In a fast moving corporate world companies seldom provide you with leniency over tasks. Either you are a man or woman there’s no difference as par work. So, in order to taper down the stress women prefer stopping the periods. Young girls also prefer to stop periods due to study and workload. Women normally ask these questions about stopping period and we will clear all these confusions in our article and will also tell the procedure:

  1. How can I make my period end faster?
  2. How to stop my period for a day?
  3. What are the natural means for stopping a period?
  4. Methods for postponing a period temporarily.
  5. How to stop menstrual bleeding immediately and effectively?
  6. How to make my period stop for a few hours?

In this article we will go through many ways, remedies and techniques through which you can stop your menstruation, postpone it or lighten it up temporarily or permanently. These are broadly divided in to two categories:

1) Natural
2) Medical

Medical ways are more effective but obviously they come up with consequences and they necessarily need a doctor. Though medical means can provide effective, long-term, short-term (depending on wish of women), permanent, temporary remedies for stopping or slowing down the periods.

Natural Methods for Stopping Your Periods:

  • Plan a Healthy Exercise Schedule:

This is a simple and healthy way to stop or slow down your periods. Regular exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Keeping a healthy routine will not only help you to control the bleeding but also provide you with a healthy body that can face daily challenges in style. Exercise is obviously not an absolute means of stopping a period rather it can reduce it down. It will work more for athletes but a normal women doesn’t have much time and even motivation. This is a well-documented approach that may prove good for you or may not because these responses vary from woman to woman over their biological make up.

  • A Healthy Diet Plan:

A healthy diet plan means a stronger body. A stronger body will naturally minimize the apprehensions of periods. It will reduce the fear of consequences and help a woman to live them up comfortably. There are foods that can increase your menstrual flow and there are foods that can reduce it down. You can add different foods in your diet and subtract others. Try to avoid too much spices, garlic, ginger, sesame, pepper and papayas. You can add different herbs in your diet plan like angelica root, raspberry leaves. We summarize healthy diet plan as follows:

  1. Drink a lot of water, this will help your body to cope with periods faster and lighten the flow.
  2. Add or subtract based on the guidelines we have provided above or a medical practitioner.
  3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eating healthier food with lots of vitamins like fruits and vegetables will lighten the burden. Green beans are particularly helpful for helping the period to go light or even stop.
  4. Use herbal remedies like angelica root. These herbs are used for making a refreshing tea which will stop and lighten the menstruation like dried raspberry leaves, lady mantle, garden sage, shepherd’s purse.
  • Take a Bath:

Water is so convenient to find, healthy and refreshing. Periods naturally stop in water but they will revert back once you are out of water. See here (Title: Does Your Period Affected by Water?). Though it will also give you a psychological benefit and a refreshing mood. It is never too difficult and late to get a shower and lighten your daily stress with fragrance of shower gel, soap and shampoo.

  • Go For Swimming (hides period for the time you are in water):

Being in water helps to stop the menstrual flow temporarily. It will help you if you want to stop your flow for few hours but for that you need to be in water. This method will give you relief for the time you spend in water. How does this happen is another question. Read here (Title: Does Your Period Affected by Water?).

  • Suck a Lemon:

Sucking a lemon has also been used as a natural way for slowing down the periods. It’s a home made easy technique that doesn’t cost a lot of money and time.

  • Drink Vinegar (slows period for 2 to 3 hours):

Drinking vinegar is yet another home available, easy way. Take two to three teaspoons of vinegar, mix them in a cup of water and take it three to four times a day for a home remedy.

  • Have Gelatin (slows period for 2 to 3 hours):

Drinking gelatin is another homemade remedy. Mix a packet of gelatin in a cup of eater and drink it. This can stop your period for three hours or so.

  • Use menstrual cups (slows period for 10 to 12 hours):

Menstrual cups are specially designed devices that are simple to use. The cup fits just above the cervix and prevents the bleed to exit out from vagina just like tampons do. This method can provide relief for 10 to 12 hours by hiding your periods.

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  • Apply Heat:

Applying heat will encourage fluids to leave the body faster. For using this technique apply heat to your abdomen. This also provides a relief from cramps and pain of menses.

  • Massaging the Abdomen Over Uterus:

Massaging is always a relief. Massage the area of uterus for avoiding pain and cramps of pregnancy this will provide you relief.

  • Breastfeeding:

For mothers of just born babies this is the most effective means of infertility and avoiding periods. We would say if you are taking other methods then breastfeeding for avoiding periods after delivery you are in ignorance. This is the best and natural method which isn’t only good for baby, post pregnancy outcomes but also for stopping periods and providing a window period for infertility.

periods calendar

Medical Methods for Stopping Your Periods:

Medical methods for controlling menstruation can be permanent and temporary. These methods aren’t homemade and require a doctor’s consultations. We mention it here just for information purpose:

  • Oral Contraceptive Pills:

This method will stop your periods for the duration you are on pills and provide infertility also. It consists of two different types of medicines, one is progesterone only pill and the other is progesterone plus estrogen. The latter is used normally and former is limited to special cases. It consists of 21 days of contraceptive pills followed by a week of placebo pills. This method comes with side effects and needs a doctor.

  • Long-term Contraceptive Measures:

These method includes contraceptive methods that provide a longer duration of infertility and slowing down of periods. These include:

  • Intra-Uterine Devices like Mirena IUS.
  • Sub-dermal implants which are planted below the skin and provide long term infertility for 2 to 3 years. However, it requires medical practitioner for implantations and follow-ups and shouldn’t be tried at home.
  • Taking Ibuprofen:

Ibuprofen is an Over the Counter pill for pain relief. It has however proved to be a good selection for slowing down and even stopping the menstruation. But it should be taken with in prescription limits and not exceed the normal tolerable dosage as it can cause serious side effects. It shouldn’t be used regularly and not more than 3 medicines a day each at morning, evening and night. Doctor should be consulted first.

  • Hysterectomy:

This is the permanent method for sterility and provides permanent hindrance of periods. This is performed surgically and in this a woman’s uterus is completely removed. No uterus means no fertility, not menses, no cramps and no babies. However, you can still remain active sexually without any possibility of giving a birth. This method comes with 2 repercussions:

  1. It leads permanent infertility. So, young age women who haven’t completed their families need to avoid it. If a women has completed her family or is menopausal then it is convenient for her. Yet again it’s a personal choice.
  2. This method is not allowed in some religions however under specific conditions it is. This needs a religious advice which again depends on you.

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