Health Issues More Common in Women than Men

woman health mattersDue to the rise of population in the world, many issues started to emerge and now, human being has been dealing with such issues so far that will be continued till the end of this world. Both men and women face different issues and one of them is health issue. Sometimes health issues are common for men and women but on the hand women got some specific health issues which men do not face.

If we look towards past, people were healthy enough to be working actively as they were used to hard work. For instance, when there was no bike, people used to walk too far on their foot but after the invention of motorbike, people even don’t go to nearby places on foot rather they use motorbikes. This is why, obesity occupied men which is actually a disease.

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Similarly, women used to wash clothes with their hands and they had to make a lot of efforts in beating clothes with stick etc. but soon after the invention of washing machine, women got lazier as they don’t make a lot of efforts. Now, women are usually found complaining that they have pain in their joints.

Likewise, it can be said that as the world of technology is growing, women are getting affected with many diseases. In other words, we can say that technology or modern inventions not only ease the lives of women but they also make them lazy. Activeness is replaced by laziness due to which various diseases including psychological issues have risen.

Another key health issue with women is breast cancer. Women having more dense tissues in the breasts have a higher probability of getting a breast cancer. More reasons are genetics, old age, breast lumps and radiation exposure. This is the biggest disease that affects most women in the world. Some cases about women developing breast cancers include that the breasts are being hit by some foreign object like ball, or some-other thing, due to which such disease emerge.

Gallstones is more common in women than in men. It is gauged that 18% of US women suffer migraine headaches whereas only 6% of men face such an issue. Similarly, there are some more conditions that are more common in women than in men i.e. irritable bowel syndrome and urinary tract infections.

It is learnt that Urinary tract infections, including cystitis (bladder infection) and kidney infection (pyelonephritis) mostly women. Kidney plays a vital role in increasing high blood pressure (hypertension). Also, hypertension disease is found in women mostly after the grow to be 50.

Another disease that is more common in women is Osteoporosis. Bone density decreases in this disease and this is a major health concern for women. Some studies have revealed that one of every two women over 50 is likely to suffer a fracture related to osteoporosis in her lifetime. By age 65, some women lose half of their skeletal mass.

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