Easy Tips (Remedy) To Reduce 90+ KG Weight for Female

junk foodI am a female. My current weight is 92 kilo grams (202 pounds) and my height is 5’1. My age is 22 years old. In the recent past I have tried a lot to lose weight but didn’t helped.

Tips to reduce weight (Opinions):

If it’s a family thing then you can control it to some extent only but don’t lose hope when I say this. It just takes a very long time and continued abstinence from certain habits to achieve a massive difference. First you need to understand your eating habits and change them accordingly.

Cut your eating portions by half and avoid red meat completely. Similarly, find alternative to the protein you get from eggs. Consume whites and use yolk for your hair. Give up on chicken completely because it messes up with your hormones more than anything. Consume fish instead. Drink 3 litres of water every day.

You should consult a good doctor first. This can be due to certain medical issues as well such as hormonal imbalances or thyroid dysfunctionality. Once you are through all your tests then only the problem can be worked at. After that once your tests are clear you can move to diet plans and exercises through a proper trainer

Well eat 6 times a day it will enhance your metabolism rate which is necessary to lose weight, drink water as much as you can, count your calories. You can eat anything but it’s all about calories. For example small piece of chocolate have more calories in very less quantity but if you take apple, ladyfinger, Bread you can have great quantity in same calories. Make your calories target between 1500 to 2000 per day. Exercise is must.

Cut off sugary stuff bakery items coke pizza fast food (hard to do but yes). Go for a walk if you can plus join gym. Do aerobics and yoga simple. In a week your body will be tone-up and in a month you will definitely loose some inches. Girl I was so over weight but yes I controlled a lot. Maintain your stamina while doing exercise.

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My friend did this strenuous exercise everyday but it helped her shed lots of kgs. She used to climb two floors on the staircase of her house everyday for half an hour. It really did work for her. Even if you can manage to do this you’ll see a difference in four weeks.

You don’t need to get depressed over your weight, look at the people around you. You’ll find people who are slimmer and then you are going to find people who are much more obese than you. Since you’ve managed to lose all the weight once, losing it again shouldn’t be hard. Start with smaller goals, like walking, reducing portion size and above all you’ve to be mentally strong. Change doesn’t come easy you’ve to work for it, just consider yourself a champion. Take inspiration from the people who have lost much more weight than yours.

Get a personal trainer if you really want to lose weight. They will check your BMI first and may suggest some medical tests. 30+ BMI shows high fat content and below 30 is high muscle content. The personal trainer will provide you a diet plan and exercise plan according to your body. Sometimes, people try losing fat but they actually have muscle mass. Please dont go with remedies only.

[alert-success]Eat normal food, just quit anything with sugar soft drinks, tea and sweets, you will lose 10 Kilo Grams in a month[/alert-success]

Please join a gym and start a good diet plan under expert supervision.

Before you start a diet plan consult your gynecologist about a possible root cause of weight gain

Visit a nutritionist and get a plan according to your needs, start doing exercises on a daily basis. Guesswork won’t be very effective as you are looking for productive results. Good luck.

Not a big deal you can do it n start from now just skip junk soft drinks sweets oil  and eat only fresh homemade juice fruits eggs milk veggies daily n do min 30 minutes workout n u will see the visible result soon.

Stop having processed foods. Stop having desserts and sodas. Have lots of water and don’t have snacks in between meals. Exercise 30 minutes a day at least 4 days a week.

Eat more fruits and vegetables instead of rice, white sugar

Quit sugar. Minimum use of oil, eat fresh veggies as much as you can (you can also have soup of green veggies). Black coffee before you exercise.

By Jenn Curtis

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