Does Water Stop the Period?

swimming-pool“Oh weather is too hot today I want to go swimming. Ops! But I cannot go I am having periods.” One of my friend told me sadly that she takes off from swimming classes during her menses while giving so invalid reason: “My mom told me that periods get stop in water.” This myth is so prevalent throughout the world that many females abstain from swimming and from taking bath during menses which is a big and a disastrous health related issue.

Females have a regular physiological cycle known as menstrual cycle in which hormone sensitive lining of the uterus called as endometrium gets shed off monthly and results in bleeding which lasts from 3 to 7 days. It usually starts between ages 8 to 16. Before and during the cycle, females pass through a number of symptoms like abdominal cramps, leg pain, bloating, mood swings, fatigability etc. depending upon the diet, physical activity and general health of a female.

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There are so many absurd myths regarding menses. Many females fear to take bath during periods. Some restrict their activities like swimming in the fear that swimming can stop their periods. Many females think that many things can get inside the uterus from water.

There is also a misleading myth that sharks and other aquatic animals get attracted my menstrual blood. There is no evidence to support this old legend.Most of the females don’t know the reason.They have been misinformed those things from their elders.

Yes there must be some concern about the hygienic conditions of a pool or tub. A dirty tub can make you get infection. But to get rid of this problem use tampons or menstrual cups. Even I know some females using pads during swimming. Although pads become more saturated with water so there might be a chance of leaking and infecting the water.

For many females swimming is one of the activity that makes them stress free and helps relaxing them. Even swimming can help you reducing cramps and fatigue caused by menstruation and can boost up your mood.

It has been proved that regular swimming can help you making your irregular cycles regular and reduce the dysmenorrhea (pain during menstruation) and can be proved beneficial in many gynecological problems like PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).

There is also a myth rumoring around that on should not take shower in periods. And taking shower can cause painful menstruation. This is totally wrong. One reason is that during menses a female becomes more prone to infection so she should take extra care of her hygienic conditions.

Such infections are so harmful that in severe cases these even can cause infertility. This myth is so common in the underdeveloped countries. This practice should strictly be prohibited because it can also threatens a woman’s life.

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This is true that once you get inside the water menstrual flow stops. It does not mean that your uterus has stopped shedding the endometrial lining. In factunderwater there is a force exerted on the female genitals that keeps the labia majora closed and so cause impedance in the flow of menstrual blood.

Further underwater gravity cannot be felt and so no flow comes down and it remains in the uterus. But once you get out of swimming pool then menstrual flow starts once again since the previous counter forces have not been exerted anymore now. Even during bathing one can also notice that flow stops.

The reason is there would be just few drops of blood remain unnoticeable.This makes girls to believe that shower stops their menses.

[alert-success]One should take precaution while swimming or taking shower during menses. To relieve cramps avoid caffeine and drink lots of water. To get rid of crampy pain use pain killer. Take care of your hygiene.[/alert-success]

Use tampons, menstrual cups or pads during swimming. Change pads frequently if you are going to stay in pool for along time this will prevent you from infections. Eat a healthy diet. Sometimes the first day of menses becomes so tough that it renders a female to do any activity. Some females suffer from severe abdominal cramps.

In such condition you can avoid swimming because swimming becomes uncomfortable in such severe situation. In some females such crampy pain lasts for few hours and after that one can go swimming without any fear.

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