Causes for Abnormally Light Periods than Usual Ones

Periods is the beginning of women’s sexual cycle. A healthy woman starts menstruating by her puberty. However, extra delay may indicate some disease. Normally a girl reaches puberty between ages 12 to 15 years (with minor variations). Normal duration of monthly cycle is from 28 days to 35 days among which bleeding days are from 3 to 7 days. If you are having really scanty periods than it is a concern. A normal period should occur in a healthy range of days with normal flow. If you are soaking lesser pads than usual for a longer time this raises concern. This includes the fact that always there are slight variations in periods ranging from slight decrease in flow and frequency or opposite to it. What raises concern is an abnormality which is very persistent and raises alarms. Some women also complain of discoloration of vaginal discharge. Others complain of spotting between periods.

Reasons and Causes for Light Periods

There are multiple causes of scanty or shorter periods. This may include:
• Medical causes including diseases.
• Physiological reasons and hormonal imbalances.
• Age.

Medical Causes for Lighter Periods:

Observing a periods which is scanty and lighter in colour in sexually active woman generally amounts to pregnancy. If pregnancy has been ruled out through tests there can be underlying medical causes. However, this article is just meant for information and you must visit a doctor if you are concerned about slow or scanty periods.

Diseases may include:

• Some underlying thyroid problem like hyperthyroidism (increased level of thyroid hormone), hypothyroidism (decreased level of thyroid hormone), autoimmune disorders such as Grave’s disease can cause scanty or light periods with mild spotting.
• Asherman’s Syndrome: A disease that forms adhesions in your reproductive tract after a severe infection or curettage during a medical treatment.
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOs): This is a commoner disease in women. It is caused by obesity and results in hormonal imbalances particularly an increase in androgens and decrease in insulin function caused by insulin resistance. This disease is classified by a patent sequence of mostly amenorrhea (which is absence of periods) or sometimes oligomenorrhea (scanty periods).

Safe Info for Sex Intercourse While On Your Period

Hormonal Imbalance Can Cause Scanty Periods:

A normal menstrual cycle is maintained by presence of normal levels of hormones, primarily mediated by progesterone. These hormones are necessary for normal development of the endometrial layer of the womb of mother for maintaining pregnancy. An imbalance in hormonal levels will cause slight sloughing off of the endometrial layer and thus mild spotting. There are various factors that can alter this normal proportion among which is stress. Stress and tension can produce hormonal imbalance in your body causing scanty periods. Stress is mainly liked to lifestyle, economic and environmental problems. For Example: Exams, burdensome jobs, tensions in relations, delays in salary can put a woman to stress. Primary remedy for this is to control the factors causing stress. Stress also affects the lifestyle at large. It can cause various other diseases. Therefore, for a better lifestyle it is necessary that a person should live free of stress or reduce it to minimum level.

Age Can Contribute to Scanty Periods:

Age is an important factor. A too early or too late age comes with slight variations. In younger ages slight irregularities and variations in menstrual bleeding are completely normal and are a process of development and growth of reproductive system. At late ages periods may stop commonly known as menopause. This happens between 40 to 50 years around which there can be alterations of mood, flushes and stress. Age comes up with variety of different problems and a women should go all the recommended check-ups as par the prescription of a medical practitioner.


In a young, sexually active woman, pregnancy is an important cause of scanty and slow periods. Ideally when a woman gets pregnant her period stops completely but this doesn’t happen all of a sudden and might perpetuate two to three days of scanty periods with lighter bleeding. For assuring pregnancy the best way is to carry out a pregnancy test. There are many other ways including pregnancy test.

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