Can you Get Pregnant while Breastfeeding?

breastfeeding imageBreastfeeding is one of the very good ways for helping the women return to her normal physiological state. It regulates and balances the hormones that return the women’s uterus to normal size, decrease the tonicity of the woman’s reproductive muscles, and makes her feel better.

Breastfeeding has advantages for the baby also. It is good for the immunological development of baby for fighting infections, it is cheaper, no need for preparation, equipped with the necessary nutrients for baby, changes its composition accordingly as the baby grows.

Keeping these facts aside women are also concerned about the effects breastfeeding has on fertility and attempts of getting pregnant. Plenty of questions are asked in this regard.

Can One Use Breastfeeding For Preventing Pregnancy:

Exclusive Breastfeeding Method of Birth control is also called the Lactation Amenorrhea. It is called Exclusive because mother is recommended not to give anything other the breast milk to her baby. And lactation amenorrhea refers to the cessation of cycles due to feeding.

Does This Method Really Avoid Pregnancy:

Exclusive Breastfeeding it is said that is effective in 98 to 99.5% of cases itself in preventing pregnancy. However there can be exceptions but one needs to maintain following things before considering it to be an effective method:

1- Baby should be less than six months old.
2- A woman should make sure that her menstrual period has not yet returned.
3- Baby is fed exclusively i.e. it is only given milk day and night and get nothing but breast milk.

How Infertility Period can be Maximized?

The frequency and amount of breastfeeding are important determining factor in the return of fertility. Greater the frequency of amount slower will be the return of fertility.
[alert-warning]Researches have shown that in some populations night nursing decreased the return to fertility rate.[/alert-warning]

How Effective is Breastfeeding in Avoiding Pregnancy:

While no exact percentage can be predicted but one point can be made for sure that it reduces the fertility period. However, every mother is different and there are times where there situations which are different. So, it depends. If implantation has already occurred then breastfeeding will not effect the pregnancy and can not stop it.  Because implantation means there was no safety against conception and ovulation occurred with the eggs getting fertilized by the male sperm causing implantation to occur.

If the Cycles Have Returned, Can Pregnancy Occur?

Monthly cycles of a woman are indicative of her reproductive maturity and capacity. Initiation of menstrual cycles indicate that you have returned to the normal fertility. If you had normal cycles before that were fertile there are likely chances of you getting pregnant. However, if cycles are abnormal like, short or infrequent this might indicate that you are returning to fertility and the process is in due course.

Is it Safe to Continue Breastfeeding While Pregnant:

This phenomenon is known as tandem nursing where actually the mother nurses her 2 babies at a time. It is normal and is believed to be compatible with pregnancy.

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