Can You Get Pregnant from Precum & What are Chances?

precum pregnantWomen frequently ask this question about chances of getting pregnant from precum. Let us first tell what precum is as few people might not be aware of this terminology. Precum is another name for pre-ejaculatory fluid. It is a fluid that is ejaculated out of the male penis before ejaculation for preparing a better sexual intercourse. It actually serves the purpose of lubrication.

Similar, to the wetting of women i.e. due to sexual arousal and orgasm fluid is produced in vagina for assisting a comfortable intercourse. Man’s reproductive system produces a pre-ejaculatory fluid. So,

Can One Get Pregnant From Precum?

Researches prove that precum or pre-ejaculatory fluid in most of the situations has dead or no sperms. In fairly few cases pre ejaculatory fluid might contain sperms but that is not due to its intrinsic ingredients. It is possible that a man has ejaculated quite recently and the pre ejaculatory fluid takes the residual sperm out of there urethra as it comes out.

For understanding this question that can precum get a girl pregnant, one needs to understand how pregnancy occurs.

Pregnancy occurs by the fertilization of female egg from the male sperm. Therefore, male sperm is the mandatory condition for fertilization and consequently pregnancy to occur.

As we have mentioned that pre ejaculatory fluid doesn’t contain any sperm or it contains dead sperm chancing of getting pregnant are insignificant and worthless.

It is only possible in rare cases in which sperm might be present in the urethra and this residual sperm ejects out along with pre-ejaculatory fluid.

People are worried about more such questions surrounding pregnancy. In the article ahead we will try to address few of them.

Can A Woman Get Pregnancy Without Penetration?

As we have mentioned earlier that pregnancy is the result of coming together of female egg and male sperm which is the mandatory condition. This is made sure by penetration. Male penis assists the sperm in reaching the inside of vagina and thus mating with the female egg. Lack of penetration will not result in penetration.

[alert-note]These questions are mostly asked from young sexual partners who are worried and they don’t want to pregnancy to occur.[/alert-note]

However, one must be vigilant because in rare cases pregnancy might ensue without penetration as well. In such cases sperm might be lying over vagina or ejaculated nearby and enter into it. In such cases pregnancy may occur otherwise it is highly unlikely.

Can You Get Pregnant While Grinding?

It is another way similar to non-penetration. Answer to this is again no with the exception that sperm enters the vagina without penetration. Grinding is a means of sexual pleasure without intercourse involving similar motions to that of intercourse. However, this doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Can First Sex Get You Pregnant?

Researches prove that getting pregnant depends on the frequency of sex, age of partners, timing of sex and other reasons like this. For pregnancy to occur this is sufficient that a male sperm fertilizes the female egg. Young couple in early twenties are at the zenith of fertility and researches prove that chances of getting pregnant through unprotected sex are very high.

So, there are bright chances that unprotected sex might lead you to end in pregnant. However, timing is very important. A woman has few days in her monthly cycle which are highly fertile. Likewise, it depends on the sperm count of man.

Can You Get Pregnant if The Partner Pulls Out?

This method is known as withdrawal method. Though it is an effective method but a pretty difficult one because timing here is very important. One just needs to withdraw at the right moment otherwise conception might occur. This method is cost effective with a good success rate if you partner can withdraw at the right moment. Pulling out at wrong moment will lead to conception. A research predicts that about 22 of 100 couple using withdrawal method conceive every year.

Can One Pregnant During Her Period?

Getting pregnant while on period depends on the timing of ovulation of women. Normally ovulation occurs between 12th to 16th days of a woman with a menstrual cycle of 28 days. However, if a woman has menstrual cycle shorter than 28 days (it is normal) she has chances that eggs are present in the birth canal and they can still cause conception.  These women are prone to ovulate just after menses. Because sperms can survive in the fallopian tube for 4 to 5 days, it is possible that as the egg gets out of the ovaries it mates with the sperm.

Can Anal Sex Get You Pregnant?

Anal canal isn’t the natural course of sexual activity as its purpose is excretion of waste product. It doesn’t lead to birth canal; the sperm ejaculated is not going to find an egg to be fertilized. However, because anal canal and vagina are close together there is a slight possibility that ejaculated sperm might enter the vagina and get the fertilization happen. Anal sex is objected in some of the religions, so it is fairly the choice of a person.

Can Oral Sex Cause Pregnancy:

As we have mentioned in anal sex, oral route is also not the natural route. It doesn’t lead to birth canal and sperm is not going to find any egg to fertilize it. It can be used for stimulation but not for getting a lady even if one ejaculates. However, it can lead to transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Can Using A Condom Twice Get You Pregnant?

Yes, there’s a possibility. Due to the reason that after first intercourse it is possible that some semen got adhered to the outside of condom. When it us used the second time it is a high probability that sperms will fertilize the egg and cause conception

Can Breaking of Condom Get You Pregnant?

Wearing condom is a recommended procedure if the condom is intact. Breaking of condom will spill the semen into the vaginal tract increasing chances of pregnancy to occur. Overall also, condoms are not very protective way of avoiding fertilization.

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