Breastfeeding During Fasting is Allowed in Islam?

Fasting is an obligation in the holy month of Ramadan and all adult and healthy Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for the whole month. But some people are exempted from fasting such as travelers, sick people and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their young babies.

Breastfeeding women should judge their scenario and if they think fasting will not affect them and it’s not difficult for them then they should fast.

While if the pregnant or breastfeeding mother feels that fasting may affect her health or it may affect the health of the child then she should leave fasting. And in some cases it becomes haram on women to fast if the health of the child will be affected because human life is more valued then fasting.

Many women ask what should they do after Ramadan? The answer is they should make it up later after the breastfeeding is ended or after the delivery of the children.

Does Fasting Affect Breastfeeding Or The Quality Of The Milk?

Fasting even for 24 hours doesn’t affect the nutritional value of mother’s milk. In very rare cases women are unable to fast because of breastfeeding.

Our body natural adapts to the changes after fasting and it starts to slow the release of energy when we eat less. But women may feel thirsty, dizzy, weak and tired because of breastfeeding.

So if the situation is unbearable then the women can skip the fast in the holy month and should keep it later. So at the end whether you should fast or not depends on the decision of the mother, if she feels she can then she should keep her fast as it is an obligation with great reward.

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