Breast Blackhead, Pimples, Sunburn, Acne: Healthy Treatments

In the growing corporate world women are more conscious about their cosmetic well-being then men. Cosmetic elegancy encircles every part of the body from top to bottom. Among these problems is acne, blackheads, pimples and sunburn. Though these are most likely to develop on face, scalp and exposed areas but in women they can also develop on her breast. This raises alarm for many women concerning cosmetic solutions and how to treat this problem.

The underlying mechanism between acne and other related problems is same whether it develops on face, breast or elsewhere. In this article we will go in detail addressing the issue of blackheads on boobs, their reasons, remedy and removal from waxing techniques at home to better cosmetic results and obviously the final result depends on your age too.

Why do Acne, Pimples and Blackheads Develop?

The underlying mechanism behind acne stems from the hormonal changes when an adolescent reaches puberty and involvement of bacteria. It may continue, remit and relapse in later part of your lives as hormonal changes are post-pubertal.

Normal flora of bacteria resides over our skin and is perfectly harmless. Inside our skin we have different layers responsible of different functions. They are co-related and interconnected. Like two of our structures in skin which are interconnected and play role in acne, one is hair follicle and other is sebaceous gland which produces sebum.

Due to different reason (including hormonal changes) sebaceous glands start producing sebum. This sebum together with bacteria clogs the mutual path of hair follicle and sebaceous gland. As the opening clogs the sebum can’t get through the opening and deposits within causing acne. This bacterium is known as Propionibacterium. This association of bacteria and sebum also attracts inflammatory substances like white blood cells and different enzymes causing inflammation.

Later when the walls of follicle can’t hold more sebum it bursts shedding the contents over the neighbouring skin follicles.

Reasons of Acne, Pimples and Black Heads Growth over Breast?

There can be various reasons behind causation of acne. Few habits, medicines and different products can be a causative factor behind acne. Through avoiding these substances you can fairly avoid exacerbation of acne. Notwithstanding the fact that people themselves feel sprout is acne growth in specific seasons and usage of products.

  • Excessive cream applications to your breast. This can increase the content of oil and add a further amount to pre-existing sebum. As we have explained earlier the rationale behind acne, more oil will have more chances of clogging.
  • Excessive sweating can also exacerbate acne and blackheads. Especially due to tight undergarments and clothes. So, avoid sweaty breast.
  • Steroids can also contribute in development of acne. These are widely used in illegal bodybuilding techniques.
  • Bad cleaning habits and lack of cleanliness increase the chances of bacterial aggregation. This can increase the effects of bacteria and cause acne.


Treatment and Remedy of Acne:

Treatment options depend upon the severity of problem and types of acne you have got. Acne can range from comedones to cysts, papules, pustules and nodules. So it is fairly wise to see a doctor for better cosmetic output and results. General measures that need to be in your knowledge are:

1) Regular Washing and Cleaning Habit:

Cleaning and washing your body skin and breast will remove the dirt and bacteria and so reduce the chances of acne.

2) Avoiding the Skin to Remain Oily:

Oily skin will precipitate acne. So it’s better to keep the skin of you breast clean and dry so it doesn’t form a clot that blocks the sebum pathway. A good way for doing this is using soap with neutral PH. Remember! Soap with ‘neutral PH’.

3) Topical Methods:

Applying topical agents like benzoyl peroxide can reduce the inflammation and give better results. However, it is better to consult dermatologist before taking such methods.

4) Antibiotics:

Antibiotics reduce the amount of bacteria/ bacterial count over your skin thus reducing the chances of acne and inflammation

5) Hormonal Management:

Women on contraceptive pills will have altering level of hormones that can ‘rarely’ cause acne. Studies show that hormones are a factor behind development of acne particularly in males. For medical management doctor should be consulted.

black head skin

Remedy and Treatment of Blackheads:

Blackheads over your breast can be removed by cleansing and waxing techniques at home. You need to step by step as following:

  1. A good mask for cleansing black-heads is kaolin and glycolic acid. Take a sufficient amount of clay mask and apply over your breast specially blackhead area.
  2. After few minutes wait, mask will start drying and get a bit sticky. Rinse the mask by taking a hot shower.
  3. Take a sufficient amount on cleanser on your fingertips and massage over areas of blackheads. You can also apply anti-acne products like benzoyl peroxide and sulphur. Clean it with warm tap water and clean with soft towel.
  4. Use a stainless steel extractor (sanitized). Put smaller end of extractor over blackhead and gently take the black head out. Don’t apply force.
  5. Apply toner with cotton over blackhead areas e.g. alcohol, witch hazel or tea tree oil.
  6. In the end take a small amount of benzoyl peroxide on your fingertip and carefully rub it over to the affected area. Allow it to dry before getting clothes on

Things You Need Prior to Remedy of Blackheads:

  • You will need an anti-acne fighting clay mask (containing benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulphur)
  • Acne cleanser for better results
  • A soft towel for drying up between steps mentioned above.
  • Stainless steel extraction tool (should be sanitized before peeling off blackheads)
  • Alcohol as anti-bacterial and cleaning product.
  • Cotton ball for applying toner.
  • Benzoyl peroxide.

Myths about Blackheads:

  • A widely heard myth is that blackheads increase with sexual activity. This is wrong and has not basis.
  • Another myth is that popping blackheads is helpful. This is not a mathematical equation and it may be harmful at times causing scarring.
  • Treatment of blackheads range from home remedies to medical managements.

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