Be Vigilant If You Want to Stop Your Periods Permanently Forever

women pads periods Stopping periods forever is never an easy option and only few women plan for it. This is because in most of the efficient options child bearing capacity is lost. So it is mostly planned by those women who have completed their families or they have health risks in continuing their periods. Mostly women choose temporary delaying of period techniques. I one have given sufficient births and she doesn’t want her family to be continued then the advice for stopping the periods permanently can be sought.

Reduction in periods is often sought by those women who are either on holiday, want few day off from a hectic job, are fed up of daily tensions associated with periods and want some relaxation and days off.

How to stop your period forever?

This is a difficult and ‘once in a life choice’. What it means is that once it is gone it is gone. There are many ways for slowing down of periods in which fertility and menstrual bleeding can be reversed. However, for stopping the periods ‘forever’ one has to opt for more efficient techniques.

As we have mentioned earlier that it’s ideal that a women should have completed her family before trying to stop her period permanently or she should already be in her menopause ages which is the age when women’s menstrual cycle has already stopped. The method is known as hysterectomy in which a woman’s uterus is permanently removed.

Is there a surgery to stop your period?

Yes, stopping the periods forever requires a surgical procedure. The surgical methods for stopping of period permanently is called hysterectomy. This is done in operation theatre with expert surgeons, technical staff and all medical instruments available.

Decision of this surgery is taken by the doctor however the consent is always observed and doctors will never proceed without your consent. In this procedure a woman’s womb/uterus is completely removed.

It may be combined with removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes as well depending on the decision of surgeon

Consult the Doctor:

This article is only meant for giving an information and isn’t a medical advice. So it’s necessary that if you go for any option including taking medicines you must first consult the doctor. Doctors’ advice is most important if you to stop your periods permanently.

How to stop my period for vacation?

Women ask variety of different questions regarding stopping of periods like, How to stop period for sex? I wanna have sex but I’m on my period?

Women want a time out of the periods for this there are variety of different methods mentioned previously in detail:

  • Taking birth control pills is the most effective way.
  • Taking Ibuprofen (but it comes with benefit and hazards).
  • Drinking Lemon Juice or taking lemon for stopping periods.
  • Doing regular exercise and maintaining a healthy life style.
  • Drinking lot of water and eating vegetables.
  • Using conservative treatments such as herbs for controlling periods.

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